Institutional Brokerage

Viet Capital has been working with Vietnam’s top Institutional Investors and Listed Companies for well over a decade. Providing them with unmatched liquidity and access to deal flow to develop Vietnam’s Capital Markets.

ISB Department’s strength lies in its qualified team that boasts practical experience, in-depth market knowledge, professional integrity, and dedication to customer Service. 

In addition, our strength is the ability to combine international expertise with local knowledge for effective flow of information, market advise and execution.

Provide a variety of services
  • Stock and bond brokerage
  • Large lot trading
  • Investment advice and divestment
  • Depository
  • OTC pricing, bond pricing
  • Support DMA, STP & FIX
Provide a variety of services
  • Trade via EMSX & FIX on Bloomberg
  • DMA and STP . Access
  • Online transactions through V-Pro, V-Web and V-Mobile - The leading fast and convenient order placement software in Vietnam.

brokerages market share for foreign investors with ~ 29%
Best customers' services

The most effective business contact service
  • The most prestigious annual investor conference organizer Vietnam Access Day (VAD). Vietnam Access Days is known as annual investment seminar of Viet Capital Securities (VCSC) and one of the highlighted events in investment industry in Vietnam. In 2021, although VAD was hosted online at the first time, there were 455 representatives from Investment funds, 35 enterprises and 17 experts/ guest speakers sharing updated knowledge and information. 
  • Intermediaries connecting leading domestic enterprises with international investors
  • Business visits are held on a regular basis or when there are special events
Independent analysis report
  • Quick response to market fluctuations
  • Covering more than 80 leading enterprises, accounting for about 70% of market capitalization
  • VCSC's comments are often quoted in the media as a basis for consulting and making investment decisions

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