Notice of odd lots trading on HOSE


Dear Valued Client,

Please kindly be informed that Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) has official announcement about odd lots trading from 12 September 2022.

Accordingly, trading a number of shares/closed-end fund certificates/ETFs/covered warrants from 1 to 99 is classified as odd lots trading with continuous order-matching and put-through method.

✔️ Price range, Trading Units, Price Tick: same as round lots

✔️ Trading hours:

  • Continuous order-matching: 9h15-11h30 and 13h00-14h30
  • Put-through: 9h15-11h30 and 13h00-15h00

✔️ Settlement Time: T+2

✔️ Placing order methods:

  • By trading platform: V-Pro, V-Web, VCI Mobile
  • Via your broker : (028) 8882 6868

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