Notice of Auction: Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Company Ltd (LAWACO)

Auction News

1. The company: Lam Dong Water Supply and Sewerage Company Ltd (LAWACO)

  • Address: 50 Hung Vuong, Ward 9, Da Lat City, Lam Dong province
  • Tel: 0263 3822 240 Fax: 0263 3824 050

2. Main business areas: 

  • Designing civil construction works, water supply and drainage works.
  • Supervising construction works, civil and industrial projects, water supply and drainage works
  • Creating and verifying investment projects of construction, assessing environmental impacts
  • Installation of water supply, drainage, heater and air condition

3. Charter capital: VND 788,000,000,000 ( Seven hundred and eighty-eight billion dong). In which: 

  • State-owned shares: 31,512,924 shares, equivalent to 40.00% of charter capital
  • Strategic investors’ shares: 32,237,783 shares, equivalent to 40.91% of charter capital
  • Shares offered in the IPO: 13,816,193 shares, equivalent to 17.53% of charter capital 
  • Employees’ shares: 1,233,100 shares, equivalent to 1.56 % of charter capital

4. Quantity of shares offered: 13,816,193 shares, equivalent to 17.53% of charter capital

5. Eligibility requirements for participation in the auction: Domestic and international institutions as well as individual l investors satisfy the specified eligibility requirements in the Regulation on auctioning shares for the IPO of LAWACO , issued by Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange.

6. Name and address of the auction organizer: Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

  • Address: 16 Vo Van Kiet street, District 1, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, Ho Chi Minh City.

7. Offered share to the public through the auction

Type of offered shares

Common share

Minimum bid price

VND 11,000/ share

Par value

VND 10,000

Total shares offered 18,816,193 shares
Incremental bid price VND 100
Deposit’s proportion 10% of value of shares’ quantity that each investor registers at initial price

8. Providing application form to auction participants, Disclosure information, Deposit payment:

  • Account number: 1191 0000 107260
  • Of: Viet Capital Securities JSC
  • At: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Branch
  • Content: Nam of the investor – ID- auction deposit payment – The Company Name
Content Time Location
Providing application form, registration and money deposits:

From 08h00 on 19/12/2017 To 16h00 on 15/01/2018


Submission of auction bidding slips

No later than 15h00 on 11/01/2018

At auction agencies

Organizing the auction

09h00 on 15/01/2018

Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange

Payment of shares

From 16/01/2018 To 25/01/2018


Repayment of money deposits to unsuccessful bidders

From 16/01/2018 To 22/01/2018


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20171215_20171215 - LAWACO -BCTC kiem toan nam 2014.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO - TB BAN DAU GIA.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO- Mau don.docx
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO- BCTC 30.06.2017.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO -BCTC kiem toan nam 2013.pdf
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20171215_20171215 - LAWACO- BCTC kiem toan nam 2016.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO-QD2660 phe duyet PA CPH.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO - Ban CBTT.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO-Du thao Dieu le CTCP.pdf
20171215_20171215 - LAWACO-Phuong an CPH.pdf